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While ceramic methods are as old as time, the industry is modernizing at an accelerated rate. Traditionally, methods have been forged over centuries with success being handed from master to apprentice, however, with exponential rates of modernization in all trades, new and explosive concepts are being presented. Seemingly simple, 3D printing represents monumental complexity and detail in each print requiring anticipation and problem solving for a successful print. 

Here, the prints explore the ‘perfectly’ imperfect. Printing requires trouble shooting and analyzing prior to each print, picking up the slack for the machines short comings. Through this, the mind is forced to work significantly harder as our hands sit and watch like never before. Ironically, the intriguing aspect of printing comes from the mind trying to put the hands into action, mimicking patterns the machine produces, but they often fail. The collaboration between technology and archaic practices results in art and within art lies the beauty of the one of a kind. Despite the idea that machines can 'mass produce,' nothing can be replicated perfectly with 3D printing, therefore all vessels are entirely unique of the next.

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